Goldeneye 007: is the first person shooter coming to Xbox soon?

The 24-year-old first person shooter Goldeneye 007 appear soon for one of the Xbox consoles. The trigger for this latest speculation is a recently published list of achievements, which at least points in this direction.

Where did the current notice come from?

Recently popped up at the TrueAchievements website a list of achievements for the first person shooter Goldeneye 007 on. In itself, this would be nothing special. However, this page specializes in Xbox Achievements, so the new entry could indicate that a port of the action game for the Xbox One or even the Xbox Series X / S is beginning.

In the past, TrueAchievements only ever saw games that were actually released for an Xbox console. In this case, it could well be an oversight. However, the operators may already have some advance information that the public has not yet been aware of.

How realistic is porting Goldeneye 007?

An official one Confirmation or even announcement of an Xbox version is pending so far. However, porting is not entirely unlikely. The original from 1997 came onto the market exclusively for the Nintendo 64. However, it came from the Rare development studio, which has been part of Microsoft for some time. Therefore, an implementation for the Xbox consoles would at least be obvious. A remake with drilled graphics would also be conceivable.

In addition, Goldeneye 007 has not been indexed in Germany since October last year, so nothing would stand in the way of a release here in Germany.

Those: TrueAchievements (via Twitter)

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