Halo Infinite: Streamer puts down a tremendous winning streak – with one flaw

There are an infinite number of goals that you can set yourself in your life: prove the existence of magic, shoot your own Star Wars trilogy, play through Ninja Gaiden without a hit. The Australian streamer Remy Mint Blitz has even put his own ambitious project into practice and won more than 100 matches in Halo Infinite – and that (almost) one after the other.

In a video on his YouTube channel, he explains the background to his crazy project in more detail and proudly presents the very monotonous, but still impressive list of results of his past matches.

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PC-Crash almost ended the winning run prematurely

Sure, on a good day in the Free2Play multiplayer part of Halo Infinite everyone leaves the field as the winner. If you succeed in the feat several times in a row, you may order a cap at the same time PwnerLettering. But Mint Blitz’s winning streak can safely be described as really impressive.

In the end, the publicly viewable Proud track record 105 won matches within a single week. That is especially towards the end incredibly stressful and the closer he got to the large number, the more nervous he got. But there is one downer, which we do not want to hide, and which should be evaluated by each of you: In his 75th match, his PC crashed, which forced him to restart completely.

As a result, he officially did not end the game on the 1 – at the time of his compulsory break through no fault of his own, however, he was already 10 points ahead, which meant that another victory was almost certain for him. As a result, there is a small hair in the otherwise flawless soup of success.

We can’t improve your performance when aiming and dodging, but we can improve the performance of the game. Our hardware experts will tell you how to get the most out of your system and get Halo Infinite to run in the best possible way:

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Halo Infinite: The Best Expert Tips for Better Performance

And why the whole thing?

Mint Blitz himself claims to enjoy such ambitious challenges, because they improve your own gameplay and also learn the maps including important weapon spawn points by heart. Above all, he criticizes the spawn rate of the sniper rifle, because the weapon spawns far too rarely and only on two maps (Behemoth and Live Fire).

His favorites are therefore two other guns: The shock rifle is ideal for one-shots, even if it requires some practice, as you have to anticipate the movement of the opponent in order to hit the head. And the mangler just destroy everything, which is why he would recommend developers to at least reduce their ammunition supply.

Incidentally, the 100-matches challenge served another purpose. So the streamer is keeping himself in line, as the replenishment of fresh content in Halo Infinite is known to be very disappointing – not least because of the unsuccessful Battle Pass:

Halo Infinite's Battle Pass is a huge mistake



Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass is a huge mistake

Only recently, Mint Blitz had made a name for itself in another form around Halo Infinite. He discovered a curious glitch in the single player campaign that allows it to go across to fly over the entire open world map.

How do you rate such series of victories? Unnecessary time waster or really cool challenge to motivate yourself and improve your own skills? Feel free to write us your sure-footed opinion in the comments!