New World: Instance groups against gold, model causes discussions

Right now there is a very specific issue for heated discussions within the community of the MMO New World. It’s about players who offer one or more expeditions. They can be paid for with a certain amount of gold. Opinions are currently divided on this.

What do the critics say on the subject?

As can be read in the official forum, among other things, there are some players to whom this “business model” gets quite angry. They don’t generally find this type of gold-making very good and are sometimes reminiscent of MMO competitors like World of Warcraft these paid “dungeon runs” have been offered for a long time. However, they would be very reluctant to see such conditions in New World, as they were one of the reasons why they switched to Amazon’s online role-playing game in the first place.

Proponents oppose this

Not all New World players are, however (buy now 39,99 €) so negative about the subject. There is even a relatively large group who like these paid “dungeon runs” and defend them vehemently. Among other things, they refer to the sometimes quite high manufacturing costs for the keys. Therefore, they only see the payment as a fair compensation and therefore have no problem with the corresponding offers. The user “Ugodzilla” explains it like this:

“Look what the production of the keys costs, if you would buy the mats that are not bop that are needed. We always do it that way, bring a key, then we run the expedition as often as we have it or you contribute to the costs. Ka where the problem is. “

There is no end in sight to the discussion, and the developers at Amazon Game Studios have been holding back on the subject so far. It it is not a prohibited action eitherthat violates the rules of New World.

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