Starfield, Homeworld 3 & Co .: Why Sci-Fi is the best game genre

Pure spaceship romance: looks like an early concept drawing for The Mandalorian, but it’s Starfield.

Science fiction has not had it easy lately. For decades, the gigantic fantasy successes of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones outshone almost everything that ventured into space – with the exception of Disney’s Avengers movies. They are also likely to have contributed significantly to the fact that the tide is now turning.

Because science fiction is currently experiencing a revival: Cinema fans cheer Dune, series fans enjoy The Expanse and Foundation (which, however, has little to do with Isaac Asimov’s books) – and a science fiction renaissance awaits us in gaming too.

Micha, Peter and industrial designer Georg – better known as GameStar user Paw – couldn’t be happier about it. Because for them, science fiction is clearly the best game genre.

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Alone because we are all three Homeworld love – and us very much Homeworld 3 look forward to appearing at the end of 2022. But of course our infatuation with space goes even further, in the podcast we rave about our favorite novels (Die Hyperion-Gesänge!) And our favorite series – including, of course, Stargate, which will also be implemented in 2022 with Stargate: Timekeepers.

What fascinates us most about science fiction is its narrative possibilities: no other genre offers such a perfect canvas for the most varied of settings and stories. Games like Bethesdas are also welcome to do this Starfield to use!

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In case you’re listening to the podcast on a smartphone or other device that can display images: Paw has two links with inspiring sci-fi artwork for you to look at to get in the right space mood:

Unforgivable mistake: Contrary to what sci-fi noob Micha claims, in HG Wells’ “The Time Machine” it is not the Eloi who live underground, but the Eloi Morlocks. As a punishment, he has to memorize Dune, all 22 books (not just the original six, where would we go?).

If you don't get goose bumps with this early screenshot from Homeworld 3, it's not Micha.
If you don’t get goose bumps with this early screenshot from Homeworld 3, it’s not Micha.

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