Consumer contracts: what customers need to know in 2022

In 2022, many of the rules relating to the conclusion of contracts will change. According to the TKG amendment, improvements for consumers will also be laid down in other areas in March. Customers benefit from online contracts in particular.

The end of long notice periods is within reach. With the entry into force of the new Telecommunications Act in December, there has been an end to unwanted extensions year after year for cell phone or Internet contracts. away March 2022 will be followed by other consumer contracts.

From March 2022: The notice period drops to 1 month

If you conclude term contracts from March 1st, these may no longer contain a notice period of three months – as was previously the case. Instead, you can up to one month before the end of the contract terminate in good time. This applies to streaming services, for example, but also to your gym membership.

The one-year extension if the notice period is missed is also over. Uncancelled contracts are automatically extended “for an indefinite period” after the agreed term (source: North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center). Means: you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice.

In many cases, the termination itself should become much easier: If you have signed a term contract online, the provider has to go to their homepage integrate a cancellation button from July 1, 2022. The goal: as easily as a contract is concluded, you have to be able to get rid of it instead of looking forever for hidden cancellation options.

Amazon, Check24 and Co .: Online marketplaces committed to transparency

Whether Amazon, Check24, eBay or Otto: Online marketplaces and comparison portals must disclose from May 28, 2022, according to which criteria their search results are presented will. The aim is to create more transparency for customers. Among other things, Amazon and Co. must also provide information on whether and how they can determine whether customer ratings come from real buyers.

Online purchases and contracts will be really upgraded in 2022 – we show you how you can save here:

For sales contracts, the so-called Reversal of the burden of proof extended. This means that if you notice a defect or damage after buying, it is assumed in favor of the buyer that it already existed at the time of purchase. So far, this assumption was valid for up to six months after purchase, from January 1st it will be extended to one year. This means that you can claim a warranty for a longer period of time against commercial sellers.

In the event of faulty software, app crashes or massive restrictions on Netflix and Co., customers may not only have the right to have the defects rectified, but also the option of reducing payments, claiming compensation or canceling. Software providers also become, for example, for the entire duration of the contract obligated to function-preserving updates – regardless of whether you pay for the use or “only” provide your data.