iPhone with iOS 16: Crass concept wants to renew operation

It still seems a bit premature to speculate about iOS 16 so early in the new year, after all, we won’t see Apple’s big iPhone update until the summer at the earliest. However, this remarkable idea is worth reporting. The previously familiar operation is completely turned on its head.

For two months now, iOS 15 has been able to be installed on the iPhone, tangible Understandably, however, there are no hints about iOS 16 yet in the rumor mill. After all, Apple should show the upcoming update at the earliest in about six months at the in-house developer fair. Of course: speculating and “spinning around” is allowed.

Draft for iOS 16: Unusual operation of the iPhone

This is what the Italian designer Andrea Copellino is now doing with his something crazy idea about iOS 16. He was particularly impressed by the homescreen, the control center and the multitasking. If Apple takes an example from the design, we will have to rethink the operation (source: Behance, Andrea Copellino).

The home screen – a scrollable list in iOS 15 (Image: Andrea Copellino).

The first look goes to the home screen. Obviously inspired by Android at first, because a central clock widget and a search bar dominate the upper area. But the real revolution lies beneath it. Instead of swiping horizontally through different pages as usual, you simply scroll vertically and feel “endlessly” through the apps. The dock hovers over the app icons. Looks crazy, but what would be the advantage?

Copellino writes about this:

“This new homescreen is a vertical list. The layout improves usability, as the symbols can be reached from a lower, more accessible part of the screen surface. “

So the designer could be right, because a Reaching around in the upper part of the display is not necessary with one-handed operation. Last but not least, users of an iPhone Pro Max would appreciate this.

Multitasking and control center are combined

Multitasking cards and control center combined (Image: Andrea Copellino).

Another exciting idea comes up with multitasking. In the view, we not only see the app cards we already know, but also also the control center. The latter occupies the lower part of the screen and can be scrolled horizontally. This means that all elements can be easily reached with one hand, and dislocated fingers are a thing of the past. The scaled-down app cards are also still easy to reach. They now concentrate more on the apps or the associated icon itself, the content of the cards is rather irrelevant.

With the current iOS 15, Apple has given us this cool function, explains in the Video:

In order to the multitasking surface approaches the fast and efficient program change on the Mac, to be reached via command key + tabulator. Most of the time we know which app we want to switch to. The detailed view of the maps or app content is negligible.

The opinion of the editor, Sven Kaulfuss: I like the design, how often do I catch myself doing breakneck finger exercises, for example, just to reach the control center – hardly possible with one hand from the iPhone X onwards. On the other hand, the multitasking view can be reached more quickly with the thumb if the control center could now also be reached – a dream. With iPhones with a home button it worked and still works, why not as in this draft with newer models with gesture control?