No Way Home: Actress wanted a friend for Aunt May

A good two weeks ago is a real board in cinemas started. Spider-Man: No Way Home made huge sums of money in a very short time, attracted fans all over the world to the cinemas and, despite the corona pandemic, has now reached more than one billion dollars in gross profit.

Regardless of the success, fans and critics seem to use No Way Home very satisfied to be. The first ratings were already impressive and the film is now being viewed by many as best Spider-Man acted. Marisa Tomei, the actress of Aunt May, would have liked to see a little something different.

The rejected request from Marisa Tomei

In an interview with Geeks of Color Tomei wasn’t just talking about their time with the film crew and her role as caring Aunt May, but also revealed that she had originally wished for that May meets with a woman: “That was even before Happy showed up.”

“There was a moment when I got the feeling that May – maybe she should be with a woman because Ben is gone and who should she be with? And we talked a little bit about it. I really wanted to, that Amy Pascal from Sony is my friend. I told her no one had to know, Amy. There’ll just be a scene where you’re standing over there. It’s just going to be a very subtle thing. “

who Spider-Man: No Way Home (buy now € 22.99) has already seen, already know whether Tomei’s wish has met. For all those who have not yet been to the cinema due to a busy schedule or the corona pandemic: It should not be a serious spoiler to find out that the film Tante May no woman at her side hat.

Those: Geeks of Color

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