PC games 2022: the new highlights in the outlook with video

The rule is confirmed every year: When it comes to variety and variety, no current console can match the PC. No matter if shooter, strategy, role-playing game or creative indie surprise: The largest selection is available on the PC. So many titles have already been announced for 2022 that it will pass you by hearing and seeing. That is why we have deliberately focused on the games that are either confirmed for this year or at least very likely in this outlook. This means that we are deliberately excluding a few exciting top titles such as Mass Effect 5, Dragon Age 4, Diablo 4 or Hellblade 2 – these are not to be expected until 2023 at the earliest.

But it is also clear: Even with such a restriction, we cannot possibly cover all titles and maybe one or the other game simply slipped through us. So if your very personal highlight for 2022 is not there, write us a comment under this article and tell us which games you are particularly looking forward to this year.

And for those who don’t feel like reading, the special is also available as a comprehensive video in which we present the majority of the games from this overview.

PC releases 2022 | New PC highlights at a glance

Asobo Studios | 2022

The surprise hit A Plague Tale: Innocence gets its well-deserved sequel this year: A Plague Tale: Requiem continues the depressing story about Amicia and Hugo and leads the siblings to remote new places where they try to get Hugo’s curse under control. The dramatic story is supposed to be a real heavyweight again and the successor also adds a few graphs. A well-rounded mix of sneaking, puzzles and action awaits you again.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Quelle: Focus Home Interactive

Embark Studios | 2022

Arc Raiders was first revealed at the Game Awards 2021. Behind it is a graphically impressive third-person co-op shooter in which you have to compete against deadly killer machines from space in the distant future. In order to protect the earth from the robot invasion, clever team play should come first. Arc Raiders will be a Free2Play title and is the first game from Embark Studios, which also includes some previous Battlefield developers.

Studio Wildcard | 2022

The popular Ark is also entering the second round, but tangible information on gameplay is still rare: The only thing that is certain is that a huge online multiplayer survival sandbox awaits you again, with lots of action, dinosaurs, crafting, next-gen- Graphics and so on. In addition, the story seems to play a bigger role, because this time with Vin Diesel, a real Hollywood star is also involved in the project. In line with this, a lavishly animated series on Ark will be launched this year.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Characters of Ragnarok

Ubisoft | March 10, 2022

The third DLC expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is all about the gods: In The Signs of Ragnarök, Eivor has to embark on Odin’s path and dive deep into a world of Norse myths. In legendary form you explore the home of the dwarves, where you have to fight a lot of new fantasy opponents and learn magical skills. With Assassin’s Creed the whole thing doesn’t have a lot of hats anymore, of course, but Ubisoft seems to pack a lot of content into it: At a price of 40 euros the expansion should provide around 35 hours of gaming time.

Mundfish | 2022

Atomic Heart has haunted the gaming world for years, but it could actually be that time in 2022: At first glance, the open-world action RPG looks like a crazy mix of bioshock, a pinch of stalker and a Soviet theme park, especially crazy Opponent design immediately catches the eye. The developers promise intense battles, crafting and exciting exploration in an alternative universe in which you have to defend yourself against a robot army that has gone wild. According to the developer, Atomic Heart is ready in terms of content and is currently only polished.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

What: Mundfish

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Massive Entertainment | 2022

No, real gameplay from Ubisoft’s new Avatar game has not yet been seen. Frontiers of Pandora is officially set for 2022 and it sounds exciting anyway: In the action adventure, you slip into the blue skin of a Na’vi and explore a new region of the exotic alien world Pandora. From a technical point of view, the division developer’s new plant is set to be extremely complex; the game is tailored entirely to modern PCs and next-gen consoles.

Platinum Games | March 3, 2022

Wherever it says Platinum Games, there is wild battles. This also applies to Babylon’s case, which comes along as a real action RPG. Alone or with up to 3 players you can explore the legendary Tower of Babel, collect lots of loot, refine your fighting techniques and get stronger over time. The game had to take some criticism for its graphics in advance, which is why the developers have made further improvements here. Much more important, of course, is whether the gameplay is as fun as it looks – we will know more by March 3rd at the latest.

Larian Studios | Date not known

One of the most promising role-playing games by far is of course Baldur’s Gate 3, which you can play in Early Access since October 2020. Whether the Larian Studios will complete their mammoth work this year is questionable, but at least it will be worth it: The role-playing game is already convincing with its well-implemented D&D mechanics, strong presentation, tactical battles and enormous playful freedom – should Baldur’s Gate 3 So really celebrate his gold report this year, we have a real top title in the house.

Cyanide Studios | 2022

After two successful predecessors, Cyanide Studio and publisher Nacon are teaming up again to cast the crazy Warhammer football into a video game implementation. Blood Bowl 3 is based on the current rules of the board game and offers 12 playable races, new game variants, a ranking list, lots of customization options for your … athletes and a brand new solo campaign that can be played with any race. Blood Bowl 3 was supposed to start early access in September 2021, but the date has been postponed to 2022.

Relic Entertainment | 2022

The third Company of Heroes is relocating the Second World War strategy to the Mediterranean for the first time, you command your troops, for example, in secluded coastal towns, Italian mountain passes or in sunny North Africa. The most important innovation in the campaign is a dynamic map on which you have to make important decisions, for example to set up supply lines, hire partisans or secure a runway. As expected, things are going to be hot in the missions, you can expect a variety of units, tactical destruction options, a pause function, real lines of sight and much more – and also graphically, Company of Heroes 3 wants to clearly outperform the competition. If things go well, the game might even be released towards the end of 2022.

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3

Those: Sega

Ubisoft Düsseldorf | Date not known

After a long, long radio silence, new information about The Settlers should finally follow in January – then it will hopefully be clarified whether the comeback of the cult series will appear this year. In any case, we keep our fingers crossed, because what Ubisoft showed 2 years ago looked like great build-up fun: The Settlers should combine classic virtues with clever innovations, for example a fresh food system and a meta-game that runs through the campaign. According to Ubisoft, you will be able to play the latter alone or in co-op.

Shiro Games | 2022

Almost 30 years after the groundbreaking Dune 2, there is finally a new strategy game on the desert planet. Dune: Spice Wars is currently being developed by Northgard developers Shiro Games and goes in a completely different direction than the Westwood classic: Here you can expect a modern 4X global strategy game in which you try all sorts of tricks to rule over Arrakis to tear. You have to manage and plan, research and build, negotiate, fight, spy and sabotage in order to achieve your goals and to become the strongest house on the desert world. Dune: Spice Wars will initially appear in Early Access this year.

You can find more information about Dune: Spice Wars here.

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