Pokémon GO: Developer’s Future Plans for Seasons

If you are a New Year’s resolution have made, finally in 2022 more movement in your everyday life then Pokémon Go may be able to help you with that. After all, the mobile game phenomenon has been attracting numerous players and pocket monster fans since its release in 2016 to the fresh air.

Even in the year that has just begun, the developers want this Pursue the mission further. One means of doing this are those that have been taking place for a long time Seasons. So far, the events have focused on specific topics, new ideas and, of course, exciting rewards. One would like to continue sailing along these fairways.

Nostalgic adventure

In one Blogpost therefore one did not only look at them last season heldn with the emphasis “joke” and “origin” back, but also threw one view in the future: “In the season of origin, we want to focus on different places in the Pokémon world that many Trainers have fond memories of from past Pokémon adventures.”

Nevertheless, on the nostalgic trips, you don’t just want long-time fans, but also also pick up newbies: “New trainers should also get to know these places this way. While we continue to work on optimizing the seasonal model in Pokémon GO, I want to enable our trainers to find challenges that suit their play style.”

The live game director on the future of the seasons

Also the Live Game Director of the game, Michael Steranka, said a few words about the future of the seasons: “Our team is looking forward to further optimizing the concept of the seasons in Pokémon GO in 2022. Over the next year, we want the seasonal mottos and stories to be the focus of our in-game events, social media content and More Pokémon GO plans come. Our goal is to bring about unique and meaningful changes in Pokémon GO with the seasons. “

As he further explains, is “Every new season a chance to evaluate the current state of the game and derive changes and optimizations from it in order to improve it even further.” The focus is even more on Motivation “To encourage coaches to exercise outdoors, explore their surroundings, and interact socially with other coaches.”

This thought should also be reflected in a playful way: “At the same time, we are also re-evaluating some of the bonuses that have been active in recent seasons. These include the effectiveness of smoke when standing still and the increased damage in remote raid battles. You may have already noticed at the last Community Day events that we have chosen bonuses that should encourage you to social gameplay or raid battles on site. Similarly, we want to encourage coaches around the world to go outside and discover the world with our seasonal bonuses. “

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