Smartphone manufacturer demonstrated: Popular mobile phone feature is actually pointless

At Apple it is called “Night Shift”, at Android it is often just night mode – both functions promise a healthier sleep by filtering the blue light on the mobile phone display in the evening hours. But is that really the case? A study proves exactly the opposite, because the popular mobile phone function is actually completely useless.

The “Blue light” from computer and cell phone screens keeps you awake and should be avoided in the hours leading up to bedtime. But who would like to do without an iPhone, iPad and Co. even in bed? That’s what there is “Night Shift” (iOS) or the “Night mode” (Android) on the devices for many years. It automatically changes the colors of the smartphone display to a warmer color spectrum and should be easy on the eyes. That is also implied Promise of healthier, because better sleep. A fallacy, as it turns out repeatedly.

Popular but pointless: night mode on smartphones

This is the result of a new BYU study from last year (source: Sleep Health). Three conditions were tested and the participants were randomly assigned: iPhone use with Night Shift activated, iPhone use with Night Shift deactivated and no phone use – in each case in the hour before bed for seven consecutive nights.

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What did you get out of it? In a nutshell: there was no significant differences in sleep outcomes between the three experimental groups. So it should be clear: Night Shift from Apple and similar functions from other manufacturers may subjectively “protect the eyes”, but they do not ensure a better sleep – quite an exposure. Chad Jensen, Professor at BYU, cautions:

“While there is a lot of evidence that blue light increases alertness and makes it difficult to fall asleep, it is important to think about how much of this stimulation makes up the light emission compared to other cognitive and psychological stimulations.”

Which is really important

Means in the end: It is not the light that is the decisive factor, but rather the activity of smartphone use in itself makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep in the end. Therefore, the following applies: Night Shift and Co. do not protect against actually doing without. Simply turn everything off and switch off an hour before going to bed – it probably helps more than this popular but completely useless mobile phone function.