Smash Bros. creator is considering playing It Takes Two all by himself

Hazelight’s co-op adventure It Takes Two made waves in 2021. Not only did the title win the Game of the Year award, it was the reason for one Klage des Publishers Take-Two: The name is so similar that Hazelight is not allowed to make any copyright claims. But there was no change of name.

Also Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the fighting game Super Smash Bros., which in its crossover ambitions in the video game industry is only surpassed by the Battle Royale Fortnite, got wind of the title. He has probably not played it yet, but he could certainly use the controller. Or to two controllers, more precisely.

Sakurai’s hand acrobatics: operating two controllers at the same time?

In one Tweet the man behind Smash Bros. showed how to use Hazelight’s latest work also play alone could – although the story of the couple facing a divorce is actually strictly designed for two players. No problem for Sakurai: he presented one in two pictures possible hand or finger positionto use two controllers at the same time.

In doing so, the famous developer put two DualSense gamepads once next to each other and once in a row. While in the first variant he uses one hand per controller, the second variant with outstretched fingers should only be used for one or the other player hand cramps from just looking at it trigger.

If you know Sakurai, the tweet should be for you not that unusual at all being. The fighting game luminary is known to often play against himself at his own game. For example, he played in past Smash Bros. presentations two characters at the same timeto showcase their skills.

Those: Masahiro Sakurai auf Twitter

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