Square Enix President sees NFTs as motivators for gamers

NFTs, also Non-Fungible-Tokens, were already a hot topic last year – in several ways. While some corporate bosses and big animals in the video game industry prefer digitally protected, unique objects as the next savior of industry praised, players and fans stood by the whole thing especially critical opposite to.

This is how Ubisoft’s NFT offensive called “Quartz” triggered one huge shitstorm and the developers of Stalker 2 also got a decent slap in the cake after the announcement of NFT content, which even led them to use the To discard crypto plans again. And although we have only dipped our toes into the New Year, the next big company is already jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Square Enix wants to get into business

We’re talking about Square Enix, the Japanese company behind huge Game series like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or the soon to be released Forspoken. Yosuke Matsuda, the president of the publisher and developer, turned into one yesterday detailed statement not only pronounced for NFTs, but also sees them in them Future of the industry. In addition to the development of NFTs and the Metaverse, Matsuda also talked about Game motivation:

“I understand that some people ‘play for fun’ and that these are the majority of players right now who have reservations about these new trends, and understandably so. However, I believe there are a certain amount of people whose motivation is to ‘play to contribute’ and thus help to make a game even more exciting. “

“Traditional gaming has so far offered no clear incentive for this group, which, strictly speaking, was motivated only by arbitrary, personal feelings such as goodwill and altruism. […] As we move forward in the token economy, there will be clearer incentives for users that will result in greater persistence of motivation and also create a noticeable benefit for their creative output. “

Head shaking and criticism from the players

the resonance fell to Matsuda’s statement unsurprisingly mostly negative out. Fans shake their heads, criticize the decision and are sometimes appalled by the statements of the Square Enix president: There are many on Twitter in particular such contributions. That became even more acute than the support of NFTs themselves Sentence about fun in the game recorded.

That is symbolic of them Mixing crypto and video gameswhich is considered toxic by many fans. That video games are not primarily intended to be used for entertainment or leisure purposes, but rather, according to some companies, at their best combined with work and making money should be, meets with harsh criticism from players around the world.

A tweet also chalk the Problem of the agreement of NFTs and environmental protection and draws clear parallels to Final Fantasy 7: “The people who created Final Fantasy 7, a game about eco-terrorists fighting to save the planet from a company that is literally sucking the life out of the planet … have now become that company. When will change the name of Square Enix to Shinra? “

Sources: Square Enix

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