Actors Oh Jeong-se and Lee Moon-sik, this time with Zhuge Liang and Liu Bi? Selected as an official promotional model for ‘Three Kingdoms WAR’

Akasor Games(ACS GAMES CO.,LTD, Representative Lee Cheong)‘Erase the Three Kingdoms’ is a new mobile strategy game developed and serviced by the company.(Three KingdomsWAR)Actors Oh Jeong-se and Lee Moon-sik were selected as promotional models for ‘ 3day said.

Actors Oh Jeong-se and Lee Moon-sik, who were selected as promotional models this time, will transform into Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei, respectively, and plan to unravel the War of the Three Kingdoms in an easy-to-understand and comical way..

Oh Jeong-se 1997He made his screen debut in the movie ‘Father’ in 2011 and made his drama ‘Uncle’, ‘I’m a psycho but it’s okay’, Active as an actor in ‘Stove League’, etc., He has established himself as an actor who can be trusted by continuing his steady work until now..

Lee Moon-sik in exchange for licorice smoke, Film ‘Sulfuric Acid Bee’, ‘Crime Reconstruction’, ‘Let’s go to Seoul Dharma’, Active in ‘Paradise Night’, etc., he is known as a luxury scene stealer among fans..

Erase the Three Kingdoms Unreal4 A mobile device developed with the engine that boasts excellent graphics and immersion SLGas, You can experience detailed collisions and movements during battle vividly..

In addition, motion capture technology was applied to reproduce the appearance of a living longevity., weather and magic, It has all the strategic elements to win battles by using types of soldiers..

An Akasor Games official said, “To make it easier for users to access the game, ‘Erase the Three Kingdoms’(Three KingdomsWAR)We plan to release a promotional video showing the colors of the actors and actors.(Three KingdomsWAR)A strong synergistic effect is expected.”.

‘Erase the Three Kingdoms(Three KingdomsWAR)‘ is currently in the process of pre-ordering., You can check more details about the game through the official cafe..

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