Amazon Prime Video – new films & series in January

The Hunt – Amazon Prime (Image source: Amazon / Universal Pictures)

In the new year, Amazon Prime Video will start streaming with loads of series and series sequels. But the films are also interesting. Among other things, you get to see a really successful directorial work by George Clooney.

Prime Video – new series & seasons

January 1st brings 6 series with several seasons. It continues on 10.1. with the third season of “Harrow” and shortly thereafter you can see the second season of “Binge Reloaded”. Also worth mentioning is the Amazon original production “As We See It”, in which you experience the unusual and lovable coexistence of an autistic shared apartment.

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Also interesting for movie fans:

Films: News from Amazon Prime

Imagine Sesame Street is real, you are a human policewoman in a world of dolls and it is not a bit cute. Melissa McCarthy has this problem in “The Happytime Murders”, which you can find on Amazon Prime from 7.1. can stream for free. In January there were almost 40 new additions to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

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