Amouranth: “Ironic that gamers struggle with streams”

Twitch star Amouranth has it in a short time great notoriety brought. by being on Twitch especially with a lot permissive streams notices. In the process, she also invents an “ingenious” new streaming category almost on the side.

Many gamers, however, have a problem with the lewd appearances of Kaitlyn Siragusa, the real name of the streamer. Amouranth finds this ironic, downright hypocritical – as she recently explained. But why?

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What is bothering players about the streams?

Again and again players bother each other of Amouranth’s appearances on Twitch. The live streaming platform was originally created for broadcasting video games only.

But a lot has changed since then and nowadays Twitch is a virtual stage not only for gaming streams, but also for performances by musicians, live shows – or even revealing “hot tub” streams and the like from Amouranth.

Amouranth finds attitude ironic

Amouranth revealed in a new documentary about herself by lifestyle magazine Vice that she did this The gamer’s attitude is ironic finds. It also provides a good reason for that.

The streamer argues that players no problem with the sexualization of women in video games to have. But they are bothered by real women who earn money with sexual content on Twitch. That is a contradiction, so Amouranth.

That’s why the streamer criticizes gamers

“There are games like Dead or Alive, which are basically all about women in bikinis beating up. There are strippers in GTA and nobody has a problem with that,” said Amouranth, who is now also a Playboy model.

She continues: “It’s just the real women who are made ready for taking profit from their sexuality. But men can create female characters in games and make a lot of money with them – and nobody has a problem with it. “

Sources: Dexter / Vice

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