Anno 1800: Update 13 causes problems, new patch is coming & information about season 4

Ubisoft Mainz is preparing that Anno 1800 Update 13.1 before. In one current forum post The developers announce that they want to publish further details on the patch plans in January. Since the release of the big update 13, players have been reporting more and more problems in the build-up game, like Ubisoft in one Blog article. “We apologize for the inconvenience some of you caused by the new bugs, and thank you for your patience,” write the creators.

Issues with update 13

They add: “We have been working hard over the past few months to provide our community with a nice update bundle before the holidays, but we have to admit that GU13 was not released in the state we would have liked . ” The developers collect the Problem reports at Anno 1800 (buy now € 23.50 /53,99 € )– and thus give an outlook on possible bug fixes that are due with Update 13.1. For example, lumberjacks and orchards currently take much longer to plant trees, or stop the planting process completely due to a lack of space.

Information about season 4 in March

It can also happen that tourists leave your island after loading the game. Furthermore, there are apparently problems with the calculation of the exchange ratio for grain in the Speicherstadt. Further information and the patch notes for the Anno 1800 Update 13.1 should follow in the coming weeks. Information about the upcoming DLCs, however, is a little longer in coming. Ubisoft Mainz promises to present news for Season 4 in March 2022. The new season again includes three DLCs.

Anno 1800: Teaser Season 4 Pass

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