Anyone who sells their old graphics card now earns more than ever

Before we get into the actual content of this article, I have to make a confession to you: you are part of a small experiment. Because about a year ago I wrote the same article, at least with a view to the headline and the teaser picture above.

At that time, the news aroused great interest, although poorly deliverable and very expensive graphics cards had been part of everyday life for weeks in January 2021. The exciting question now is, what does that look like twelve months of bad news about graphics card prices later? My prognosis, which is not surprising, is that you will be much less interested.

This experiment would not exist if I did not find the comparison of prices from then and now very exciting – or rather: very frightening, regardless of the question of general interest. By the way, you can find the article from last year under the following link. Don’t be surprised, because of an update the headline was changed later.

Graphics card prices on Ebay: There is only one ray of hope


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Graphics card prices on Ebay: There is only one ray of hope

The price increase is immense

Let’s get to the numbers that are most important. We compare the average sales price of older graphics cards on Ebay based on the last 30 successfully sold models. Only working GPUs and retail sales count.

As early as January 2021, we found the price increase at that time to be very significant compared to November 2020. A year later, however, the numbers look completely different again:

Graphics card prices on Ebay – Older models

Average of 30 offers sold

  • January 2022
  • January 2021
  • November 2020

On average, the price increase compared to November 2020 a year ago was 37.2 percent. A year later it is over 108 percent – so old graphics cards now often cost more than twice as much as at the end of 2020.

The AMD models are particularly hard hit, here the increase is almost 150 percent. The obvious reason: The old AMD cards are usually better suited for mining crypto currencies than the old Nvidia models.

No graphics card is also no solution

So it is true again a year later that you earn more money than ever by selling your old graphics card – if you can do without it and / or what you need Change owns to buy you a current generation GPU. In most cases this means costs in the four-digit range.

Our youngest Survey about your graphics cards shows that the community paints a mixed picture here. Many of you already have an RTX 3000 or RX 6000, but there are still just as many with older GPUs from the GTX 1000 series or the RX 5000 series. You can find the exact evaluation of the survey here:

Survey evaluation: Which GPUs are in your PCs?


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Survey evaluation: Which GPUs are in your PCs?

What’s next in 2022?

An easing of the situation is not really in sight, so you will first have to be prepared for the high costs. At the end of the year, both AMD and Nvidia expect new generations of GPUs, which are unlikely to be much cheaper. But maybe then at least a trend towards improvement will begin. You can read more about it in the article Will graphics cards finally get cheaper again in 2022?.

Intel is also worth mentioning, after all, the CPU giant will increase with the Arc graphics cards also in the ring. And Intel is also working on special hardware for mining to relieve the demand. In conclusion, we can only hope that we will not be able to repeat this experiment at the beginning of 2023 because the heading will no longer correspond to the facts.

How do you assess the situation? Will used graphics cards be sold again at record prices on Ebay in a year? Feel free to write it in the comments!