“Battlefield 2042” parody gets better Steam ratings than the original

A failed launch can lead to a lot: bad reviews, angry fans, and nasty memes. But not every game gets its own parody. Battlefield 2042 is now being poked fun at with a steam shooter and that has been pretty well received so far.

“Battlefield 2042” parody with top Steam ratings

“After a crypto crash triggered by NFTs, most of the nations collapsed and only the no-clowns are left.” Even after the first lines about the steam shooter Clownfield 2042 it becomes clear this is satire. It’s the bitter sort because the game reckons with a lot of things that DICE and EA did wrong from the point of view of many fans. Reference is made more than once to the great weather effects that only consist of the tornado.

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The Hovercraft Zone mode is of course a little subtle allusion to the problems with the hovercraft in the original, which could also drive vertically up buildings and were quite unruly in relation to the physics of the game. In terms of bugs, Clownfield is in no way inferior to the template, the developers even point out that there are plenty of them, but they would rather make skins than fix them.

Actually Clownfield even offers some features that Battlefield doesn’t have, like a scoreboard, map voting, a server browser and a voice chat. So if the game has piqued your interest, it costs a whopping 79 cents Steam. It is currently on sale for 71 cents.

Fans celebrate the parody on Steam

Whole 90 percent of users rate the game positively on Steam, At Battlefield it is currently 33 percent, even if the original has a thousand times as many ratings. Battlefield 2042 even made it into the top 10 of Steam’s Hall of Shame at times, but at the moment the shooter has to be content with 17th place.

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