Buy PS5: New Year, New Opportunities

In the new year there will be another opportunity to get yourself a Buy PS5 to be able to. Shortly before Christmas 2021, there were quite a few replenishment deliveries at various dealers. But by no means all those interested could buy a copy of the coveted Sony console. At this point we will tell you what you should pay particular attention to in the next few weeks.

Buy PS5 in 2022

It has long been no secret that the situation around the current chip shortage will not improve anytime soon. Among other things, this will also have an impact on the availability of the PS5. Accordingly, the retailers’ shelves are likely to be empty, especially in the first few months of the year. Nevertheless, there will certainly always be individual opportunities for a purchase.

Among other things, you should always use the online retailer’s offers Amazon Germany to have an eye on. It is not unlikely that one or the other PS5 contingent will be available there in the foreseeable future. However, you should make sure that you still need an active subscription to Amazon Prime when purchasing or ordering.

Buy PS5 at Media Saturn

Also Media Markt and Saturn you should when looking for a PlayStation 5 (buy now ) always have on the slip. In the run-up to Christmas, there were both online shops and some branches again and again individual drops and thus opportunities to buy. But also dealers like Otto, Expert und Smith Toys are always worth a closer look.

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Other PS5 dealers

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