Com2uS, ‘Summoners War’ starts the 8th anniversary countdown D-DAY event for the new year of 2022 | Ruri Web

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– Com2uS ‘Summoners War’, an event to pay 8th anniversary coins for daily attendance ahead of the 8th anniversary of the launch

– Conducted until May of this year, various items can be obtained, such as a Summon Scroll of Transcendence that summons 5-star-born monsters

– Transmog Returns, featuring all 150 popular transmogs for the New Year, will be held until the 27th.

Com2uS (CEO Jae-Jun Song, Joo-Hwan Song) is celebrating the new year of 2022, the 8th anniversary of the release of the global mobile game hit ‘Summoners War: Arena in the Sky (hereinafter referred to as Summoners War)’. run the event.

‘Summoners War’ is a global mobile game that has been gaining popularity all over the world regardless of East and West since its global service began in April 2014 and June 2014. So far, it has achieved 130 million downloads, ranked first in game sales in 90 countries, and is setting the standard for global mobile games by hosting Korea’s first world mobile e-sports competition every year.

Com2uS prepared a ‘D-DAY event’ to count down the 8th anniversary of the release of ‘Summoners War’, which has been popular for a long time, to provide users who have enjoyed the game for a long time the opportunity to acquire various items. to provide.

The event will run for about 5 months until May 31st, and you can participate by logging into the game every day and earning 8th anniversary coins. 20 coins are paid every day for attendance, and you can receive various item rewards as a gift depending on the number of accumulated coins.

In particular, if you collect up to 2,000 coins, you can obtain a Summon Scroll of Transcendence that can summon 5-star monsters born in it, and you can choose the type you want and create the highest-grade 6-star Legendary Rune up to 2 times.

A coin shop to commemorate the 8th anniversary will also be opened starting from April 17, the day of the 8th anniversary of the release of ‘Summoners War’. Users can also acquire additional coins through various 8th anniversary events to be held later and exchange them for various items.

Meanwhile, Com2uS is holding ‘Transmog Returns’, which once again showcases all popular transmogs released from December 2015 to July 2020 to commemorate the new year. A total of 150 transmogs that can beautify the appearance of monsters will be available until January 27th.

For more information about this event and ‘Summoners War’, visit the ‘Summoners War’ official cafe ( can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]