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– nine “secret weapon” of the Sampo and daecheol players Mastery data expansion, such as updates take place

– Possessing the ‘shoulder bread’ skill reminiscent of the days of rugby players, capable of overpowering opponents with high probability

– Various events such as Koo Dae-cheol recruitment event, paper crane bingo, and fireworks festival

DeNA Co., Ltd. (DeNA) announced on the 3rd that it has added data of Awakened Koo Dae-cheol as the first update of the new year in 2022 in the mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’ that it serves.

Koo Dae-cheol’s data, which is called Sampogo’s ‘secret weapon’, combines excellent power and speed to show off his terrifying momentum and skills in the match, contributing to the team’s victory.

Existing materials have technologies such as ‘Euro Step Dunk’, which showcases the Eurostep and succeeds in dunking by flying over the defense, as well as one-step cut, tank post-up, and attack forward.

Through this update, the awakening player data is expected to become more powerful by revealing the abilities that will make the power forward stand out more, such as holding in place, Euro Tomahawk, leaning, and invisible spin dunk.

In addition, the ‘Shoulder Bread’ mastery was held, which melted the appearance of Koo Dae-cheol, who was originally a rugby player in the worldview, and knocked down the opponent with a high probability when he collided with the opponent with a wide range like a beast in a rugby arena.

To commemorate the update of the awakening Dae-cheol Koo player data, DNA is holding a variety of events such as the ‘Gu Dae-cheol Recruitment Event’, paper crane bingo, and a fireworks festival.

In addition, useful items and preferential packs that can be exchanged for honorary crystals or coins are also planned to provide users with abundant benefits.

More information is available through the mobile game ‘slam dunk’ community.

Mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’ official community: https://cafe.naver.com/slamdunkmobile

Official YouTube for mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’: https://bit.ly/3pwCcns

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]