DSL from Drillisch: Cell phone discounters start with rock-bottom prices

Drillisch is reorganizing its DSL offer: The group behind 1 & 1 is now also offering landline internet connections via well-known mobile phone discounters such as winSIM or sim.de – and at absolutely competitive prices per month. But there is a problem.

DSL tariffs at a low price: Drillisch is expanding its range

There is something new at Drillisch and its mobile phone brands: The providers of Drillisch Online GmbH are expanding their range to include DSL tariffs for all customers. Instead of being able to book them as an extra to the mobile phone tariff as before, there are many new DSL providers in one fell swoop, especially for new customers. The Drillisch brands are calling out direct and permanent low prices on.

Four levels are offered, with up to 16 Mbit / s, up to 50 Mbit / s, up to 100 Mbit / s or up to 250 Mbit / s in download. The fixed line flat rates offer up to 40 Mbit / s upload, depending on the selection, telephony to the German fixed line network is included. For DSL 16 you pay 19.99 euros per month, for DSL 50 you pay 24.99 euros. The top products DSL 100 and DSL 250 cost you 29.99 euros and 34.99 euros a month, respectively.

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The Drillisch brands are like that when it comes to monthly fixed costs unrivaled cheap. With many providers, you pay significantly more per month for a comparable service. It makes no difference which provider you order from – the conditions are identical. But if you are already a mobile customer at one of the discounters, you should pay attention to combination offers. By the way, thanks to new laws, you can cancel up to one month before the end of the contract period, even after that the contract is automatically extended for another month.

Discounter brands forego offers

But there is a problem with 1 & 1: According to its own information, Drillisch wants to focus on constant costs with winSIM and Co. PremiumSIM is more expensive than ordering directly from 1 & 1.

A decent wireless router is standard equipment today. This is how you get the best performance out of your network:

There, new customers save the monthly price for the first 10 months. An example calculation: You actually pay with the discount brands for DSL 250 calculated over 24 months 917.06 euros including provision and hardware shipping. If you book a WiFi-enabled router, you will even have to pay a total of 988.82 euros. 1 & 1 costs you in the offer with otherwise the same conditions only 777.16 euros over 24 months.

Our conclusion: At the moment you can get cheaper direct from 1 & 1 in the same fixed network than from the Drillisch discounter. If the offer at 1 & 1 (see at 1 & 1) expires in the future, they are available Discounter with a real price-performance alternative already ready.