Escape from Tarkov breaks all player records – with consequences

If you just got the idea to play in Escape From Tarkov again, then you are not alone. The hardcore shooter is currently experiencing its absolute heyday with unprecedented numbers of players – for which the server was not prepared. The result: Everyone wants to play, but nobody gets in. What is behind the huge onslaught?

Queue space 86,000

Anyone who starts the Escape from Tarkov launcher has been facing unbelievable queues for days. Stand loud at weddings AltChar 86,713 other players in front of you in the virtual queue. Estimated Waiting Time? Even the launcher can no longer calculate this.

Although the CEO of Battlestate Games said in a developer podcast that the new patch would attract a high number of old and new fans and asked the community for patience, the onslaught in the end seemed bigger than expected.

Where is the rush coming from?

With the biggest update to date for Escape from Tarkov, the long-awaited Map Lighthouse came into play on December 12th. You can admire them in action in the trailer for patch 0.12.12:

Escape from Tarkov shows the new map Lighthouse in the trailer for Update 0.12.12


Escape from Tarkov shows the new map Lighthouse in the trailer for Update 0.12.12

Initially, the update worked without any major problems – however, the new Lighthouse map lacked fine-tuning, which is why numerous bug fixes were added. Around the Christmas holidays more and more startup problems, synchronization errors and crashes occurred.

According to the developers, the complexity of the update and the huge number of players was the deadly mixture – which is why a queue was introduced to let players onto the server in a controlled manner. Now the developers reported again on Twitter and announce that further solutions are being worked on:

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The thread says that “just buying more servers” will not solve the problem. Instead, we are currently working on better hardware, software changes and backend optimization. It is also emphasized that the queues are only a temporary solution. By the way, the waiting times for the European servers are currently much more humane, but this should change again towards evening.

If you are still looking for reading material for the waiting time, we recommend our beginners guide with 10 important tips for a successful Tarkov escape:

Compact guide with 10 tips to get you started


Escape from Tarkov

Compact guide with 10 tips to get you started

Have you already been able to play the new Lighthouse map? Do you also have to struggle with absurdly long waiting times or other problems? Tell us in the comments!