Forza Horizon 5: This is behind the gravel events

If you’re working on it in Forza Horizon 5, the current challenge The cossie you are probably running into an annoying problem right now. Because in the festival menu you will find in the current challenges section Chapter 2 RS stands for rally sport indicated that you have to win a total of three gravel road events with the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

This target condition causes resignation among many racers, since this type of race cannot be found anywhere in the large game world of Mexico – or can it? Because behind the gravel slopes is an old friend who just hides that Victim of a bad translation has become.

A look at the current target of the challenge leaves many at a loss.

A look at the current target of the challenge leaves many at a loss.

This is the fastest way to master the gravel races

To be more precise, two pieces of valuable information were lost during the localization process. To clear up the big mystery right away: With gravel slopes events are in truth Dirt races meant. And as I said, that’s not all, because the English original also includes the information Trail thereby – which means that it is also about Dirt stage races must act.

And what is the fastest way to cope with the task? With this question, too, we will not leave you out in the rain, but will help you. It can be done relatively quickly Baja California pathwhich you can find in the west of the map near the Baja outpost. With that, you should have finished three races victoriously in no time and can move on to the next level of the challenge.

That Forza Horizon 5 is a really good racing game should be known to everyone by now. But even for Natalie, who normally doesn’t even touch racing games with a pair of pincers, the title is hers personal game of the year – because he gives her something that no other game in 2021 could offer:

FH5 gives me everything that other games fail in 2021



FH5 gives me everything that other games fail in 2021

This is how you solve the rest of The cossie

Finally, a few tips on the other levels of the current challenge The cossie:

  • Chapter 3 – Racing Again: You have to earn a total of 100,000 skill points with the Ford Escort RS. There are a few perks in auto mastery that will help you here. If you are already in the area around the Baja outpost, you can continue right on site. There you will find all kinds of possibilities for drifting, jumping and destroying – which can be easily combined into a large and therefore point-earning combo.
  • Kapitel 4 – Wing Commander: At the end you have to collect a total of nine stars on danger signs. You might already have your own favorites here, but we recommend the two signs, among others The cross (north of the city of Guanajuato) and Cannonball (west of Guanajuato).

If you’re still in the mood for more tips and guides from us on the subject of Forza Horizon 5, then you’ll get some reading tips at the end: Either how you can earn money quickly so that you can finally afford the car of your dreams, or how to get the legendary super limousine.