Kuka Games, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ January 15th Underwater Warfare and Chemical Content ‘Red Cliff Battle’ Season Announcement | Ruri Web

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– New PK season ‘Red Cliff War’ preview… The first underwater battle and chemical content appeared in ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’

-Restore the terrain and existing buildings of the historical site to the game for realistic battles

– You can taste the end of the strategy using waterways, ports, and ferries

Kuka Games announced on the 3rd that the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, a season-based mobile strategy simulation game (SLG) based on the Three Kingdoms material that it is servicing, will reveal the scenario of the new PK season ‘Red Cliff Wars’.

The ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, which provides new fun to users every time through the operation of the season system, plans to introduce scenario updates and contents under the theme of ‘Red Cliff Wars’ in the new PK season. The ‘Red Cliff Battle’ season is an update that users have been waiting for for a long time, and it is characterized by the ability to taste the end of a strategic battle through underwater battles and chemical warfare.

In the ‘Red Cliff Wars’ season, users will be able to enjoy the game on a completely new map. In order to restore the historical battle in a more realistic way, the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, which directly visited the site of the Battle of the Red Cliffs, embodies the ancient battlefield of the Red Cliff as it is in reality, and includes the operational area of ​​the Battle of the Red Cliff, the naval base and the naval base, etc. Existing buildings were restored to the game.

As ‘The Battle of Red Cliff’ is the first large-scale underwater battle in the history of the Yangtze River Basin, the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ introduces unique underwater warfare and chemical content.

In the underwater warfare of ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, if you occupy a ferry or a large port, your allies and friendly allies can not only sail freely in waterways, but also build ships and fight. It is expected that the strategic element will be further strengthened because it is possible to attack buildings such as the ferry without connecting the territory through the waterway.

Through the introduction of ‘chemicals’ content that will interact with the wind direction and become a new strategic element in the Red Cliff War scenario, a battle between water and fire will also begin. Users must play strategically by considering how to combine fire and wind, which types of land can spread fire more easily, and which types of soldiers cannot make fire.

In addition, in the Red Cliff War season of ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, we plan to provide users with another freshness through new settlement rules and re-appearance of military class treasures.

The ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ with actor ‘Ahn Jae-hong’ is popular because it provides various fun to users through seasonal operation. In 2021, it achieved achievements such as 1st place in Google Play Store’s strategic sales and 3rd highest sales ranking, and was also selected as the Excellence Award in Google Play’s ‘Competitive Game of the Year’ and One Store’s ‘Game Company that Shined One Store in 2021’. .

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]