Metroid: Great cosplay by Samus Aran fascinates the fans

While cosplay from the Witcher universe has been popular in the recent past, at the start of the new year there is a pretty costume on display that is based on another well-known game brand. It is the action-adventure series Metroid and the heroine Samus Aran, who is closely related to it.

Who did the cosplay come from?

The work that is absolutely worth seeing goes to the account of the Reddit user and cosplayer “Spacebabecosplay”. She had made the effort to find a Samus Aran’s costume is as detailed as it is true to the original to tinker. Logically, the focus was on the space heroine’s distinctive armor.

The replica looks amazingly similar to the original from the games and boasts many small details. That ranges from the distinctive shoulder pieces to the red helmet to the ray cannon as a weapon. Even on LED lighting in the breastplate and leg armor thought the cosplayer. It’s just a shame that the photo was probably taken in the living room at home and not in front of a backdrop that is more thematically appropriate. That would certainly have reinforced the illusion.

What do the fans say about the Samus Aran cosplay?

As the comments below the photo prove very impressively, the other Reddit users are really enthusiastic about the cosplay. They not only praise the costume in general, but above all its details in particular. Above all, the LED lighting and the loving elaboration of little things are very popular with the community.


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