MH Rise: 4K videos present monsters on the PC version

In a good week they will finally be able to PC player Blow the hunting horn to hunt monsters, sharpen the great sword and reach dizzying heights with the rope beetles: Monster Hunter Rise is just around the corner. A demo has been available since October last year for those who don’t yet know whether the Hunt for dinosaurs, Giant bats and samurai crabs really is their thing.

who the Demo has already played and still fluctuates or who is simply from the graphic quality from Monster Hunter Rise (buy now 39,46 € /47,99 € ) wants to convince on the home computer, Capcom has now uploaded a few videos on YouTube. You shouldn’t expect action-packed trailers, however 4K-Videos resemble rather monster-like ASMR.

Monster scales and sounds in 4K

A total of four videos have been uploaded in the past few weeks, in addition to the Zinogre also the Tigrex, the Rathalos and finally the Magnamalo were in the spotlight. As already mentioned, the videos show with 4K absolute top quality in terms of graphics, you will have to do without gameplay.

Instead, all four videos zoom in on the monsters mentioned, showing their fur, theirs Scales, faces and limbs. The whole thing is not accompanied by harmonious music, but by the chirping of birds or the rustling of the wind – and monster noises. All four journeymen namely, breathe quite loudly into the microphone.

What do you need to know before Monster Hunter Rise launches?

In case you didn’t realize that Monster Hunter Rise could soon hit your computer and you the technical details interested, we have listed the system requirements for you at this point. By the way, there you will also find first gameplay.

Sometime in the summer Both PC and Nintendo Switch owners can then get over it new, albeit paid, content look forward to Monster Hunter Rise. Then the DLC Sunbreak appears, for which old friends and a new elder dragon have been confirmed. Further information on the add-on will follow according to Capcom in the spring.

Those: Monster Hunter on YouTube

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