NCsoft Universe, rookie group ‘Kep1er’ Planet opened

The global fandom platform UNIVERSE of NCsoft (CEO Taekjin Kim, hereafter referred to as NC) will open the Planet of the new artist ‘Kep1er’ on the 3rd (Mon).

Group Kepler will join the universe upon their debut on the 3rd (Mon). Start communicating with fans around the world through universe functions such as Private Message and FNS (Fan Network Service), which are serviced in various languages ​​by country (English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Original content that can only be found in the universe, such as pictorials and entertainment shows, will also be introduced.

NC holds various events to commemorate the opening of Planet. ▲ A support event in which NC delivers coffee and snacks to artists, and a mission event in which KLAP (commodities in the universe) are presented as a gift by participating in missions within FNS and MEDIA will be held. Along with the Planet opening, the artist’s greeting video will also be released on the universe’s official SNS.

Kepler is a rookie group formed through Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’, where Universe participated as an official platform. Universe is working with a total of 32 artists, including Kepler.

Detailed information about the universe can be found on the official website and official SNS.

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