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[기사 본문]

– A person with magnetic power, specializing in protecting allies and attacking enemies using magnetic fields

– The ultimate skill ‘Maxwell Magneta’, a skill that attracts nearby enemies with very strong magnetism

– Abundant benefits are provided when opening and exploring areas with APs acquired by January 27th

Neople Co., Ltd. (CEO Noh Jeong-hwan) announced on the 3rd that it has updated the 74th ability ‘Hennato of Contemplation’ to the 3D AOS fighting action game ‘Cyphers’.

‘Henatu’ is the second magnetic ability after ‘Diana’, and it is possible to pull out iron buried in the ground or to force movement using the N/S pole. While ‘Diana’ uses blade fragments to cut or bind enemies, ‘Henatu’ throws iron objects or places them in a specific area and blows them away. Position As a long-distance supporter, he specializes in using magnetic fields to protect allies and attack enemies.

Skills include a ‘steel ball’ that blows and strikes an iron ball, a ‘magnet field’ that draws out iron buried in the ground to create a magnetic column, and a ‘metal press’ that drops a structure with magnetic force into the sky at the target point. The ultimate skill, ‘Maxwell Magneta’, is a skill that applies a very strong magnetism to a specially made fountain pen, blows it up, and then attracts nearby enemies.

Neople will hold an ‘AP (action point)’ event until January 27 to commemorate the ‘Hennato’ update. ‘EC Henato Full Unique Pack’, ‘SM Henato Full Unique Pack’, ‘Hennato Military’, ‘Hennato Grim Reaper’, ‘Special Hair 3’, etc. are provided when an area is opened with the acquired AP. Various additional rewards are provided for each region, such as ‘Unique Booster’, ‘Costume Design’, and ‘Optional Consumable Rare Booster’. When all exploration areas are opened, 450 people will be given in-kind prizes such as ‘Henatu Mouse Pad’ by lot.

In addition, a ‘selectable suit romance box’ is provided to new and returning capable people who have registered a recommendation by January 20, and a ‘Hennato Banibani Parade’ is provided to existing talented people every 7 times they are recommended.

For more information on ‘Henatu of Contemplation’, you can check out the official website of ‘Cyphers’.

‘Cyphers’ official website:

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]