Netmarble’s ‘Fate/Grand Order’, 2022 New Year’s campaign in progress

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won) announced on the 31st that it will carry out the ‘2022 New Year’s Campaign’ in the mobile RPG from January 1 to 10.

Netmarble will present 30 Holy Gemstones as a New Year’s gift to all users who log in to the game from 4:00 a.m. on January 1st, and offer a wealth of popular items as special login bonuses for 3 days. You can acquire 1 rare prism on the 1st day, 1 each of the 4 meteor po and the 4 wheeled po on the 2nd day, and 1 Holy Grail (a rare item that breaks the Servant level upper limit) on the 3rd day.

In addition, if you complete the ‘2022 New Year Campaign Commemoration Mission’ added to the master mission, items such as 10 Holy Crystals will be provided.

Netmarble will post the 2022 New Year’s commemorative video on the official YouTube channel of ‘Fate/Grand Order’, and if the number of views exceeds 5,000, ‘4 Craft Essence (equipment)’ and 20.22 million QP will be presented to all users.

In addition, the AP consumption of the daily quest ‘Collection of Species’ quest is reduced by half, and the AP consumption from Part 1 to Part 2, Chapter 4 of the main quest is applied by 1/4. In addition, the ‘Lucky Bag Summon’, which can be confirmed and summoned 1 5 Servant, will be held until January 10th.

Netmarble includes new Servants ‘5 Poppy (Foriner)’, ‘5 Ryogi Shiki (Saber)’, ‘5 Emperor Emperor (Ruler)’, ‘5 Gilgamesh (Archer)’, ‘5 Sukasaha ( Lancer)’, ‘5 BB (Moon Cancer)’, and ‘5 Sesshoin Kiara (Alter Ego)’, etc., will be picked up for pick-ups until the 15th.

For more information about the game and campaign, visit the official cafe (, Facebook page (, the official Twitter (, etc., can be found.

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