New World: Mutations should bring system like in Destiny 2

It is known that popular streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek continues to be a big fan of the MMO New World and speaks about it a lot. He has also defended it against criticism several times. Recently he also spread an interesting rumorthat should certainly make many fans sit up and take notice.

Will New World be like Destiny 2?

During a recent livestream, Shroud touched on a feature that is said to make its way into the MMO from Amazon Game Studios in the foreseeable future. According to him, this is a possibility that To gradually improve items such as weapons and armor using “Mutation Shards”. Basically, this would be similar to a system from the online shooter Destiny. In the wording he said:

“According to a rumor, there will be splinters in the mutations when 620 appears. With their help you will be able to increase the gear score of your current equipment. So there will be more of a guarantee like: ‘I have a good item. I will complete it some mutations and increase it from 600 to 605, 610 blah blah. “

With the mentioned “620” means the streamer the maximum Gear Score of your equipment in New World. (buy now 39,99 €) The upper limit is currently 600. However, the developers at Amazon Game Studios want to increase the value to 620 in the foreseeable future.

What mutations is “Shroud” talking about during the stream?

In the past weeks and months there have been repeated indications that the developers will apparently want to introduce so-called mutations in one of the next updates for New World. These should be modifiers for the existing expeditions (dungeons), which should pose new challenges for players. The system is basically reminiscent of the Mythic + dungeons from World of Warcraft. However, there has not yet been a specific release date for this feature.

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