Nexon, ‘Cas Online’ updated new melee weapon ‘SKULL-T9’

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 31st that it has updated the new melee weapon ‘SKULL-T9’ to the FPS game ‘Counters Strike Online’ (hereinafter ‘Cas Online’).

‘SKULL-T9’ is a state-of-the-art model of ‘SKULL-9’ equipped with an ultra-high-density energy fusion emission system. When the energy is fully charged, it can be released by right-clicking the mouse. ‘SKULL-T9 (unlimited)’ can be obtained by completing certain event conditions by February 3 and collecting a total of 900 T-9 parts.

In addition, depending on the number of T-9 parts collected, ‘Hunter Killer X-90 (unlimited)’, ‘Transcendence Decryptor (9 pcs)’, etc. are provided. Free Pass 1 day (3 pieces)’, ‘Barrett M95 White Tiger (unlimited)’, ‘Miracle Prism Sword (unlimited)’, etc. ‘SKULL-T9 (15th)’ when you first log in. ‘SKULL-9 (unlimited)’ is paid.

Until January 20th, new and returning users will be provided with supplies including various transcendental weapons such as ‘Magnum Launcher’ and ‘Dual Beretta Gunslinger’. Depending on the cumulative access date, a ‘Unique Weapon Selection Box’ that allows you to acquire unlimited unique weapons and a ‘CSO Association Selection Box’ that allows you to acquire an unlimited transcendence class are provided.

Meanwhile, Nexon will hold the Golden Box event on the eve of the 14th anniversary until January 19th. During this period, if you open the box with the key obtained through game play, you can acquire up to 50,000 ‘Nexon Cash’ and ‘Lightning Fury (unlimited)’ transcendental weapons. In addition, various rewards such as gaming laptops and gift certificates are provided by lottery according to key usage.

In addition, the New Year’s mileage auction event, in which ‘Infinity Laser Fist’ is added as a regular item, will be held until January 5, and ‘Trainer Erica’ and ‘Instructor Gerard’ will appear as new rotation groups in the class decoder.

More details about the new melee weapon ‘SKULL-T9’ can be found on the official website.

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