Nikon Imaging Korea unveils ‘Online Nikon School’ program for professional photography and video training in January | Ruri Web

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– Prepared lectures for beginners on how to deal with camera error messages, exposure adjustment, color space meaning, and how to use Photoshop Camera Raw function

– Intensive courses are also offered on topics such as the latest photography trends, the work life of a working artist and the story of founding a business, and know-how of shooting and editing.

Nikon Imaging Korea (CEO: Jung Hae-hwan), a company specializing in optical equipment, announced that it will provide 10 basic and in-depth courses on photography and video for free through the online Nikon School January program.

The online Nikon School is a regular training program where you can learn how to use a camera from an expert in a non-face-to-face manner. All lectures are broadcast live on Nikon Imaging Korea’s official YouTube channel, and anyone can attend as long as they log in according to the schedule.

The basic lecture in January was prepared with the topics of handling camera error messages, adjusting exposure, meaning of color space, and how to use Photoshop Camera Raw function. In the in-depth course, you can meet lectures on the latest photography trends, work life and entrepreneurship stories of working artists, and know-how on shooting and editing.

Among these, the ‘Winter Photography Story’ lecture by artist Song Seung-jin, held twice on January 11th and 18th, provides tips on how to complete unique winter photos. In the lecture ‘Creating useful Photoshop actions for retouching’ by Park Seongwook, a popular instructor at Nikon School scheduled for January 13th, you can learn how to save and apply frequently used retouching styles as ‘Photoshop Actions’.

A person in charge of Nikon Imaging Korea Online Nikon School said, “We have prepared a lecture program that can be usefully used by beginners who want to learn about cameras in earnest, to those who want to complete more sensuous results, from intermediate to advanced people. I hope that you will develop your camera skills together.”

Reporter Lee Dong-shik [email protected]