PSVR 2 almost finished ?: VR headset for PS5 will probably be produced soon!

Just under a year ago, Sony had one Successor to PlayStation VR officially confirmed. The VR headset for PS5 has not yet been shown, but players already have a first look at the Controller that will transfer your movements into the games. Now new rumors are turning around PSVR 2 the round, according to which the VR glasses will soon be in the Mass production should pass over.

PSVR 2 launch in 2022?

Should the claims of the Analysts truth and PSVR 2 will actually go into production shortly, players should expect a release this year. The Chinese manufacturer is said to be responsible for the production of the new VR headset Goertek to be responsible. In addition, the company should also take care of the production of the Mixed-Reality-Headsets from Meta and Apple To take care of.

What should PSVR 2 offer?

In the last few months there have been several reports about the successor to PlayStation VR. Among other things, Sony is supposed to OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 Pixel set per eye and HDR support. The important Field-of-View (FOV) is supposedly included 110 Grad and thus 20 degrees above the predecessor. Further highlights are apparently Eyetracking and haptisches Feedback.

Future focus on PSVR games in AAA format

According to rumors at the time, Sony would like to forego further “VR experiences” with the VR headset for PS5. Instead, they want AAA titles too Hybrid games that can not only be played normally on TV, but also in VR.

It is conceivable, for example, that titles such as Gran Turismo 7 Play with PSVR 2 completely. For the release of the racing simulation on March 4, 2022 However, the VR headset will most likely not yet be available in stores.

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