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HP’s official distributor, S-Rise (CEO: Sa Seung-mok), announced that it will proceed with the pre-order of HP’s premium gaming laptop lineup, ‘OMEN16’.

When a new game is released, the ‘specification’ is always a stumbling block. With the advent of next-generation hardware and game engines, the demand for corresponding hardware specifications will also increase. The demand for graphic cards is increasing as blockbuster games are released one after another in the second half of 21st century, but it is still not easy to obtain a graphic card. For the time being, this phenomenon is expected to continue in 22 years, and gaming laptops released in this situation are tempting gamers by expanding their options.

HP OMEN 16, a gaming laptop from HP, boasts excellent performance comparable to that of a desktop as it is a high-end gaming laptop. This is because you can enjoy immersive games anytime, anywhere through the high-spec and 16-inch wide display that can run various games. It is also equipped with an HDMI port, so it can be connected to an external display and used as a desktop.

HP OMEN 16 is a product that can satisfy the needs of consumers in a rapidly changing gaming environment by showing outstanding performance with models equipped with AMD Ryzen 7-5800H and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, and models equipped with AMD Ryzen 5-5600H and GeForce RTX 3050Ti. .

With a 16.1-inch large screen and a refresh rate of 144Hz, major games and media contents such as Battleground and Cyberpunk 2077 can be smoothly executed. can

System performance can be monitored in real time with a single ‘OMEN Gaming Hub’ software that is only applied to HP gaming products, so you can set various settings such as overclocking, fan speed control, lighting settings, and network booster according to the user’s environment with one click. can be simply changed to It is highly useful not only for gamers but also for general user creators.

Due to the nature of the laptop, the internal space is cramped, so it is difficult to dissipate heat. Efficient heat management is important to enjoy stable gaming, and the Omen 16 fan blades are 2.5 times thinner and twice as large compared to its predecessor, boasting more powerful cooling performance. In addition, ‘OMEN TEMPEST cooling technology’ is applied to provide an optimal system and high stability for game play, and the IR thermal sensor measures the temperature without direct contact with PC parts, and improves heat, performance, and sound optimization according to the existing user environment to help The feature is that the fan noise, which was pointed out as a disadvantage of the Omen 15, is also clearly captured.

In addition, it is possible to upgrade through additional memory and SSD slots, and since it is composed of various ports, the gaming environment can be upgraded according to the user environment such as multi-display environment configuration. In addition, it has a built-in fast charging function that can work for up to 9.5 hours on a single charge and fills up to 50% in 45 minutes, and is also equipped with a ‘Bang & Olufsen’ speaker that provides vivid sound quality.

In particular, the OMNE 16-0147AX is a hit product that has been sold out for the first time in a month since its launch in August and additional orders have been placed. Currently, the Omen 16 AMD series is on pre-order on 11th Street, eBay, and Smart Store, and will be shipped sequentially from January 15th.

Sa Seung-mok, CEO of Srise Co., Ltd., said, “The OMEN 16, a gaming laptop from HP that reflects the needs of gamers, allows for smoother and more realistic gaming through superior performance, improved features compared to its predecessor, and a larger screen.” In 22, we will introduce more gaming laptops with better performance and value.”

Reporter Lee Dong-shik [email protected]