Star Wars: KOTOR – unofficial short film delights fans

If you Star Wars-Fans and are already waiting with trembling hands for the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, there is now good news and bad news. The bad news: you will have to wait a long time. After all, the development of the remake of the “best game of all time” according to James Gunn is still in its infancy.

Because it’s up to the release still take a long time here’s the good news: The YouTube channel Unreal Cinema has one fantastic fan short film for the legendary space role-playing game. The video is unfortunately only for five minutes, but if you watch it enough, the KOTOR remake will be there sooner than you can say “Darth Vader”.

What is the Star Wars fan film about?

The video bears the name “Malak: An Old Republic Story” and was made using the Unreal Engine 5 in 4K produced. The eponymous story is at the center of the five-minute story Sith Darth Malak. Anyone who has played Knights of the Old Republic should now turn the lights on with this name.

The Sith wasn’t just that one of the most important characters in the role-playing game, a tragic fate overtook him too. The attempt to unceremoniously deceive and murder his master Revan went completely wrong and Malak lost the lower rail of his chewing implement. How about that Loss of the lower jaw came, you can now admire in the impressive fan film.

So it goes with Unreal Cinema and their Star Wars project

Incidentally, “Malak: An Old Republic Story” is far from over: Unreal Cinema plans to more characters from the KOTOR universe to illuminate and a total of three seasons with ten episodes to produce, each of which should be 15 minutes long.

Although Lucasfilm or Disney are not involved, the project was officially approved. Lucasfilm allowed the ambitious Unreal Cinema staff to produce, albeit under some conditions.

How to be in a YouTube-Video declared by April 2021, Unreal Cinema should therefore be allowed under no circumstances material, Pictures or music use from the Star Wars films, finance the project through public crowdfunding or earn money with their videos. In addition, it must be clearly indicated that they are fan films.

Those: Unreal Cinema

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