Steam Charts: Tactical shooter is becoming a real hit

Since its release, the new shooter Ready or Not has shot itself into the hearts of PC gamers. The tactical game has been at the top of Steam top sellers for more than two weeks and shines with an excellent rating. Now let’s take a look at what the action game can do.

Steam has a new long-running shooter

With the release on December 18th a new shooter hope could immediately catapult itself to the first place of the Steam top seller. It refers to Ready or Not, which recently entered the Early Access phase. (Source: Steam)

The action game has lasted ever since wacker at first place in the charts and thus sells other AAA sizes behind it. The low release density should certainly ensure favorable conditions, but the current steam winter sale cannot harm the long-running hit either.

The tactical first person shooter from Void Interactive lets you take on the role of one SWAT member hatch that has to solve different situations. According to the Steam description, realism is the top priority in the action-packed shooter.

This includes the realistic behavior of projectiles and weapons. In addition, await you tons of tactics with briefings and planning before each mission. The right use of equipment and emergency services adds even more complexity to the game.

To see what awaits you in detail in the Early Access of Ready or Not, you can do this Video (English commentary) watch:

What do PC gamers say about Ready or Not?

Ready or Not can already shine with a fantastic rating in Early Access: With currently over 19,000 reviews, the FPS dusts the award “Extremely positive” away.

A full 95 percent of PC gamers are enthusiastic about the game. They praise that nerve-wracking gameplay with a particularly challenging level of difficulty.

Anyone who enjoyed SWAT 4 will probably also be satisfied with Ready or Not – the Designated as SWAT 5 falls often. The tactic system was worked out in great detail and the cards were superbly designed.

The only points of criticism regarding the status of the early access phase are those sparse modes and the low card selection.