Supply chains disrupted: the crisis is set to last that long

The global transport chains remain disrupted and there is hardly any improvement in sight. (Image source: Unsplash)

Long delivery times, sometimes empty shelves: the globally disrupted transport chains will be with us for even longer, as experts predict. The situation is not expected to ease in 2022 either. The freight business in particular is facing huge problems.

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Disrupted supply chains: Relaxation not in sight

When the cargo ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal in March 2021, certain goods suddenly became scarce. Even if the channel has long been released again, the problem persists. This is unlikely to change in the near future, as experts are now forecasting again (source: heise online). Also due to the ongoing corona pandemic, both consumers and manufacturers have to keep going expect long delivery times and material shortages.

In the logistics industry, no one expects the situation to ease in the short term. Nobody can say at the moment when the difficulties will be resolved in the long term. If it were up to Gaby Bornheim, President of the Association of German Shipowners, then the situation would be only more relaxed after the corona pandemic: “The tense supply chains are clearly the result of the corona pandemic. Due to the pandemic, we have a unique situation in which a lot comes together. “

Laptops are also sometimes in short supply. What you should pay attention to when buying, you can find out in the video:

Even containers are in short supply

The one for global delivery traffic irreplaceable container are also a problem. Due to delays, they are currently often not where they are urgently needed. Congested ports mean that they can only be loaded again after more than 60 days. In particular, the ports on the American west coast and Chinese east coast are overloaded or have to be closed partly due to corona infections.

The IT industry is severely affected by the disrupted delivery traffic, as well as automakers. Sometimes it takes several months longer than usual until the desired vehicle or notebook is available.

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