Surface Duo: Microsoft leaves Android smartphone out in the rain

Microsoft is not getting going: the owners of the Surface Duo have been waiting for the update to Android 11 for more than a year. The innovative Android smartphone is still running on outdated software full of bugs. The update-dawdling suggests bad things for the future. A comment by Kaan Gürayer.

“Patience is a virtue,” they say. According to the saying, the owners of the Surface Duo are likely to be more virtuous than any monastery. A whole year has come and gone and from There is still no trace of the update to Android 11.

Surface Duo runs on a three year old version of Android

Initially, Microsoft had promised to roll out the update to Android 11 for the Surface Duo in summer 2021. As is well known, nothing came of this. Then it was said that the update would be released before the end of the year. Microsoft also let this self-imposed deadline pass.

In plain language: The Microsoft cell phone with double display will run on an Android version that was presented in 2019 – a Indictment of poverty for a corporation whose stock market value is over 2 trillion US dollars and would undoubtedly have the resources to ensure swift software updates.

According to Windows Central The Surface Duo hasn’t even received bug fixes since July last year, which is particularly embarrassing in view of the still buggy software of the dual-screen device. As a reminder: that Surface Duo was launched in Germany for 1,549 euros and is therefore anything but a cheap entry-level smartphone, which unfortunately you are used to junk updates.

The Surface Duo has already had a successor:

Smartphones are just a hobby for Microsoft

Even if the update to Android 11 is now as good as finished and will be rolled out soon, as the US colleagues from Windows Central report, the update junky is thrown not a good light on Microsoft’s other smartphone ambitions.

It’s all too obvious that For Microsoft, smartphones are a hobby of the highest order and the focus is on the cloud business, Windows and Xbox. If you are interested in the Surface Duo or its successor, the Surface Duo 2, you should keep this in mind before buying.