T&K Factory’s ‘Black Crown: The Catfish King’s Wrath’ took the top spot in popularity in both markets!

TNK Factory (CEO Shin Hee-tae) announced on the 3rd that ‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’, an idle RPG mobile game developed by Coupon and serviced by Coupon, achieved No. said.

Achieving the first place in popularity in the two major markets is a significant achievement that went backwards within six months of its release, and it is analyzed that the familiar dot graphic, intuitive and easy content, and user-friendly operation policy have been well received by users.

To commemorate the achievement of 1st place, T&K Factory and Coupon will hold push reward events, congratulatory comment events, and social media sharing events at the Naver Lounge to provide various rewards.

First, the push reward event will provide 200,000 gold and 1,000 diamonds to the mailbox every day at 12:00 and 18:00, respectively, until January 6th.

In addition, if you post a congratulatory comment on the Naver Lounge event post, 20 people will receive a cultural gift certificate of 10,000 won through a lottery, and if you share a Facebook post, 3,000 diamonds will be given to all participants.

‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’, released in June, is a mobile game that has gained popularity due to the combination of various skills and unique gameplay, and is loved by word of mouth.

On the other hand, ‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’ was also released on the One Store, and while providing various benefits for smooth game play for new users, it opened a new server ‘Pepperoni’ that can be started without any burden.

You can find out more about ‘Black Crown: Wrath of the Catfish King’ through the official Naver Game Lounge.

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