Twitch star Amouranth: what her conservative parents say!

American streamer Amouranth is pretty well known by now. The 28-year-old gained fame through permissive streamsin which she sits in a whirlpool in a tight bikini, for example, or piles wooden blocks almost naked.

In the meantime, she has even managed to become a Playboy model. And Kaitlyn Siragusa, her real name, is also quite successful in other ways. But what do they say conservative parents about the permissive career of your daughter? Amouranth has now revealed that!

Also interesting: Amouranth reveals a great secret! Is she kidding her fans?

How did Amouranth grow up?

The lifestyle and scene magazine Vice recently published a documentary about the successful streamer. In it, she talks about hers, among other things Childhood and how it grew up.

According to Amouranth, she has acquired her strict work ethic herself, and that does not come from her parents. Like many children in the United States, she is grew up alone in front of TV and consoleswhile her parents had to work a lot.

What do their conservative parents say?

“My parents are very conservative,” reveals Kaitlyn Siragusa in the documentary. “I don’t remember exactly what you said at the beginning.” But they shouldn’t have been particularly supportive.

But that changed suddenly, when Amouranth revealed a certain thing to her parents.

That changed everything!

What did the famous streamer reveal to her parents? Your account balance. No wonder the 28-year-old earned more than $ 1 million per month on average. Sometimes she even earns a lot of money in her sleep – literally!

Do her parents know what she’s doing?

In the Vice documentary, Amouranth also says that her parents have already seen their house with different streaming backdrops. The hot tub for their particularly revealing ones So far, however, they have not seen any “hot tub” streams.

Sources: Dexter / Vice

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