Twitch: Streamer banned for watching Amouranth documentary

A few hours after the start of the new year, it is already the first Twitch-Partner managed to temporarily block his channel. It refers to Sweets, which was banned while it was being broadcast live. One is responsible documentation from VICE over Amouranththat Sliker watched with all of his viewers in the stream.

Why was Sliker banned from Twitch?

According to the information provided by those responsible, these are unintentional showing pornographic content such as Nudity the triggers for Sliker’s spell. Although calls Twitch As always, no exact moment, but fans are sure that certain passages in the Amouranth documentary are behind it. Among other things, there is here Pictures from the OnlyFans account to see the streamer going against the Twitch Policies violated. Sliker showed these scenes in full length.

Other Twitch streamers got away with it

In addition to Sliker, other well-known Twitch partners also watched the Amouranth documentary live. These include, for example Mizkif and Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker. Unlike in the case of Sliker, however, the moderators of the two streamers have drawn attention to the dangerous parts of the video. Mizkif and Hasan then skipped the positions and were therefore not banned.

Amouranth documentary takes a look behind the scenes of Kaitlyn Siragusa

The VICE team gives viewers a glimpse into the day-to-day work of Amouranth. Also the negativity of social media, with which Kaitlyn Siragusa Having to deal with it on a daily basis is the focus of the documentary. For the past five days the video has already been over 664,000 times clicked.

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