Write, copy & paste secret TikTok emoji

At TikTok you can not only write the well-known emojis (Image: ClaudioVentrella).

As with any other app, TikTok allows you to write emojis in posts. In the popular app, however, you can not only use the standard smileys from the mobile phone keypad. Instead, there are also some codes that can be used to write secret TikTok emoji.

Below is a list of the codes for emojis in TikTok. You can also copy the codes here and paste them into TikTok to make the secret emoticons appear.

Secret TikTok Emoji Codes to Copy

Note, however, that the emojis only work in comments and cannot be used in video descriptions and other places. Don’t be confused if only the code can be seen in the text field. If you send one of the following emoji codes for TikTok as a comment, the letters will be converted into the corresponding image. All words must be in square brackets. So be careful not to accidentally use curly or round brackets. If you copy the following codes, the correct brackets will be transferred to the clipboard. You can add these emojis to comments on TikTok and this is what they look like:

TikTok smileys and their meaning

The images are available on both Android and the iOS version of TikTok. The meaning of the TikTok emojis results from the motif or the English-language name. If you are unsure, feel free to ask here in the comments. The emojis with this look are only available in TikTok. With a little effort you can also add them as stickers in WhatsApp:

Also exciting – this is the meaning of the most famous smileys:

There are currently 46 different codes known for secret TikTok stickers. If you come across any other hidden emoticons in the popular video app, post them in our comments!

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