Xbox leak gives hope for the return of the shooter legend

A leaked list of Xbox achievements suggests that a true cult shooter may be making its return soon. The formerly indexed classic could find new fans on the Xbox consoles – but in what form?

The leak of a list of Xbox Achievements is currently causing an uproar among gamers: The reason is that it is The game is based on the classic shooter GoldenEye 007. The James Bond game could soon find its way onto Xbox consoles given the list.

GoldenEye 007: return to Xbox Series X | S?

The Trueachievements portal has leaked the list of unlockable achievements for GoldenEye 007 – including the points for the gamerscore. Swiss Post has a total of 55 achievementsthat gamers can reach. Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the release on the N64, the cult shooter could actually return on modern consoles. (Source: Trueachievements)

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Unfortunately, no further information is known besides the achievement list. So, for example, whether the publication is a simple port, a remaster, or even a remake is not known according to the portal. It is also unclear whether other platforms will also benefit from the shooter, after all, the Rare development studio is now part of Microsoft.

Shooter classic: finally also allowed in Germany

GoldenEye 007 established itself as the favorite shooter for many gamers around the world in the 90s – but players in Germany looked straight into the tube for a long time: the game was over On the index for 24 yearsuntil it was finally re-rated in the fall of 2021. (Source: game tips)

Thus could be anticipated German players are also looking forward to a new release of the classic and maybe for the first time ever discover the James Bond adventure for yourself.

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The leak of an achievement list for GoldenEye 007 is fueling the hope that the popular shooter classic could soon celebrate its comeback on the Xbox consoles. 25 years after the original release, the game could probably finally be played without restrictions in Germany.