Facebook Marketplace: Scam 2022 – Beware of these signs!

Everywhere you have to deal with money, fraudsters are not far away. This is also how it looks in the “Facebook Marketplace”. A scam is currently particularly widespread, in which crooks allegedly want to pay for orders with cash that is handed over in cash via a logistics service such as DPD or FedEx.

GIGA explains how you can recognize such a scam and how you can protect yourself.

Cash via FedEx or UPS? Facebook Marketplace scam

Just as with “eBay Classifieds”, there are also scammers in the Facebook marketplace who want to rob you of your money. This is how the scam works:

  1. Crooks become aware of an item you are offering in the marketplace and write to you on Facebook an. Most of the time, these are either hacked accounts or Facebook accounts that were only recently created for the purpose of fraud.
  2. The alleged prospect suggests you buy the item under his / her terms. He promises to send you the money in cash in an envelope that should be handed over by a reputable transport service such as “UPS” or “FEDEX”. When you receive your envelope, you give the sold goods to the messenger, who then sends the goods to the alleged buyer.
  3. Before UPS, FedEX or another transport service can get started, the fraudster asks for your contact details. After that you get an emailallegedly from the relevant transport service. In fact, it is a fake email from which it emerges that you are for a “Handling insurance fee“Should go in advance. For the transport service you should therefore designed 50 euros that you allegedly get back from the buyer. You should pay the amount Pay with Paysafecard credit. Paysafecards are available at every petrol station and in supermarkets. These are simple prepaid cards that are loaded with an amount. The credit can be redeemed using a code.
  4. The cheater wants A photo of the Paysafecard as proof. If you send her the photo with the code, snap the trap. With the PIN, the fraudster sticks the associated one “PSC” credit in their own pockets. You never hear from him again and you get rid of your money.

Not only in the “online flea market”, you are also cheated on the phone:

Facebook Marketplace: What to do about fraud?

No matter how urgently you want to get rid of an item at an online “flea market”, do not let yourself be put under pressure at any time. You are the seller and you can specify the rules for payment and collection. If you feel a little strange about the payment method offered, distance yourself from retailers. Always checks the account of the alleged prospect on Facebook. In addition, you should never get up Business with paysafecards get in as this gladly from scammers be accepted. You should only send goods when you have already received the money. You shouldn’t get paid in advance if you’re the seller.

If you have already got hold of fraudsters, check whether you can still reverse the payment. There are opportunities with payment methods such as PayPal, but with Paysafecard it becomes difficult. You should definitely report the fraud to the operator of the sales platform and an additional one Report to the police ask if you have been robbed.

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