Little known in Germany: China manufacturer celebrates huge success

Realme smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. (Image source: Realme)

While Realme is only known to connoisseurs in Germany, the Chinese manufacturer can point to a remarkable success worldwide. Business is going well and has recently increased by 50 percent. Sales figures are also increasing in Europe.


Realme: 60 million phones sold in 2021

The Chinese manufacturer Realme has only existed for a few years, but is becoming more and more popular. The smartphones are so popular with customers that a milestone has now been announced. In 2021, Realme claims to have 60 million Android phones sold (source: MyDrivers via Gizchina). This corresponds to an increase of a whopping 50 percent. The success stories go even further.

According to its own calculations, the former subsidiary of Oppo has been able to establish itself in the top 5 mobile phone manufacturers in 21 countries. Realme did not reveal which countries these are exactly. In Germany, Realme still summarized under “Other”, so there is still room for improvement.

In the last few months in particular, the Availability of Realme phones increased in this country. Smartphones like the Realme GT Neo 2 are easy to find.

You can see more about the Realme GT Neo 2 with 120 Hertz display and quickly rechargeable 5,000 mAh battery here in the video:

Realme: Confident Goals for 2022

The manufacturer has set itself ambitious goals for 2022: 90 million units are to be sold worldwide. In addition to the Chinese market, you want to be focus more on Europeafter becoming one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in India.

Realme wants then by the end of 2023 200 million cell phones to sell. Most of them are supposed to be higher-quality 5G models, which is why Realme says it is investing more in research and development.

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