Order immune card online: vaccination certificate without mobile phone

Anyone who currently wants to visit public places such as a restaurant or cinema must show their vaccination or convalescence status via QR code via an app. But if you don’t want to take your smartphone with you everywhere, the so-called “immune card” is an alternative to vaccination proof in your pocket.

The immune card can be obtained from pharmacies or can be ordered online. You will get your vaccination certificate in credit card format for your wallet. So you can leave your smartphone at home the next time you go to a restaurant or you don’t have to worry when you enter if the cell phone battery is empty.

Immune card: costs and in which pharmacy can I get it?

You either get the immune card online with the provider or in participating pharmacies. You can decide whether your pharmacy will issue a corresponding card determine on the provider website.

In which pharmacy can you get the immune card?

To get the immune card, you need the yellow vaccination certificate and Identity card or an already issued, valid QR code for proof of vaccination. Fall for the immune card Costs of 9.90 euros on. Processing and shipping take around seven working days in claim. Even if you order the immune card from a pharmacy, it must be sent to you.

Vaccination certificate as a card

The check card contains the same QR code, which is also stored in the CovPass or Corona-Warn-App for the vaccination certificate. Operators can scan the code with the CovPass-Check app to check the validity of your vaccination certificate. In addition to the QR code, there are other personal data such as your name and your date of birth printed on it. So you should treat the card in the same way as your driver’s license or ID card and stow it securely so that strangers cannot get to your personal information.

What about the booster vaccination?

In addition to the costs, the immune card has another disadvantage: the card contains just a QR code. So if you order the check card with proof of your second vaccination and you get the booster vaccination, the information is not passed on. Although the second vaccination is currently sufficient as proof of the full vaccination status, a booster regulation should be introduced in the future, you need a new immune card. If you have already ordered a check card, there is one for existing customers 25 percent discount for a new proof. The immune card for the booster vaccination then costs only 7.40 euros.

Free alternative to the immune card: print out the vaccination certificate yourself

You can also create your own “immune card” for free. If the 9.90 euros are too much for you, simply print out your QR code for the vaccination certificate yourself. Elsewhere we will show you how you can export the QR code from the CovPass app and Corona warning app as a PDF document.

Also the self-printed QR code can be read in by the CovPass-Check-App. But don’t forget to bring your identity card with you. Your name is saved in the QR code. In this way, operators can ensure that the vaccination certificate really belongs to you.