Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 returns: the new DLC of Far Cry 6!

Far Cry 6 has been on the market for some time now and who is responsible for the Dani and Anton Castillo has savored enough, thanks Ubisoft’s post-launch supply a whole lot more to do. Most recently, the company donated two new missions to players with the free crossover with acting legend Danny Trejo, in which not only tacos are at stake.

Since 16. November you can also let your madness run free: Then the first part of the three-part Season Pass around Far Cry 3 villain Vaas appeared. Should be in January Pagan Min Follow from the fourth part of the series and you bitterly evil gaming fun grant.

Pagan Min: This is what you can expect in the next Far Cry DLC

As with the madness DLC around Vaas, you slip into the Role of the dangerous villain and experiences a story from his perspective. The son of a drug dealer sees himself faced with his past, has to fight inner demons and gives you insights into his Backstory.

Antagonist Pagan Min is also said to be dated Original voice actor are spoken and should provide true nostalgia moments for many Far Cry fans. In terms of play, you can expect similar elements as in the previous DLC around Vaas: Far Cry 6 (buy now € 49.99) adopted here Roguelite-Elemente, so be prepared to bite the grass more often and then try again.

Even after the Pagan Min DLC, which will be released in January, Ubisoft has not yet reached the end with the support of Far Cry 6. The next playable villain won’t come as a surprise Joseph Seed from the fifth offshoot (March), in addition, should further crossover follow, for example with Rambo (February) and Stranger Things (March). You can find the entire roadmap here.

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