Rainbow Six Extraction: Schon ab Release-Tag im Xbox Game Pass!

The Xbox Game Pass is a fine thing for gamers who As large a selection as possible for little money want to have on different titles. The subscription service is expanded to include new games on a monthly basis and can therefore be upgraded to a considerable buffet of different genres look.

Lots Xbox Game Pass-Titel have a few years under their belt, but they are also becoming regular fresh new releases Part of the subscription service – sometimes on the day of its release. Ubisofts Ego-Shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is now also part of this exquisite selection.

Xbox Game Pass: Exterminate Aliens on Release Day

How at Microsoft today in a official statement announced, is Rainbow Six Extraction namely on the day of publication Part of the Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and with it Playable “free” for all subscribers. So not only Xbox, but also PC players are allowed to celebrate with shots in the air.

So if you are a Game Pass subscriber in any way, you can right from January 20th alone or with up to two other friends against the nasty alien hordes let loose, put tactical maneuvers into action and explore the various strengths of the a total of 18 operators play off.

Game Pass subscribers who want to take a look at the franchise in advance and don’t want to see Extraction until the release of Extraction can Get a taste of Rainbow Six Siege now, which is now also part of the Game Pass. The announcement also revealed that Ubisoft had their In-house service Ubisoft + will also be available on Microsoft’s consoles in the future want to bring.

All players without a Game Pass and all those who are on the PlayStation can of course get started on January 20th, but have to get one few notes from the wallet fishing. As Ubisoft announced last November, Rainbow Six Extraction will surprisingly not be a full-price title, but instead only beats 39,99 Euro on.

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