This actor almost returned to Matrix 4

It’s no secret that Matrix Resurrections, the fourth part of the completed science fiction trilogy, was not only received much worse, but was also a whole lot less successful than the producers had hoped. When it comes to nostalgia bonuses, they had one Keanu Reeves at least and Carrie-Anne Moss at least two of the most important original actors at the start.

Who were missing were Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaver. The latter should even have been there originally, as has now come out. In an interview with iO9 (via Gizmodo) told Co-Author Aleksandar Hemon about discarded plans and missed opportunities. Whether the film would have been accepted differently is another matter.

Planning around Matrix Resurrections: compromises and changes

“During my short film career I’ve learned that filmmaking is a world of possibilities. That’s why people are either there or not – and when they are there things can change. We wrote a few roles, I won’t reveal which ones.” , but we wrote a character for someone we thought would play and then it wasn’t possible “, verriet Hemon.

In the original trilogy, Hugo Weaver embodied that enemy agent Smith, der in Matrix Resurrections (buy now € 23.99) instead of Jonathan Groff was played. But while Hemon does not explicitly mention which actor he means, producer James McTeigue finds in an interview with Collider clearer words:

“The character of Smith was always in there. Hugo is a longtime friend of the two of us. If we had found a way to get Hugo into the movie, we would have done that. But it didn’t work. It just happens sometimes in filmmaking . Appointments do not harmonize with each other. Corona was of course another factor, it was a little more complicated than usual. “

Even if the film wouldn’t have gotten much better because of it, a lot of fans would surely have heard about it Return of Hugo Weaver as slick agent Smith pleased. Keanu Reeves lets go of that failure of Matrix Resurrections By the way, don’t pull down and look ahead. The actor is already in talks for the Hulu series The Devil in the White City.

Those: Gizmodo / Collider

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